Cancelling Your Uberflip Account

January 26, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

We hope you'll never have to, but in the event you need to cancel your Uberflip account, follow these steps.

You can also reach out to so a member of our Customer Success Team would be happy to explore how you can get more value out of your subscription.

Step 1 - Access Account Page

Click the Profile icon in the top right corner, and click Account Settings. From there, under Services in the left menu, click Pack Subscription. Locate and click the Cancel Account link.

Step 2 - Fill out Cancellation Form

Because we are very careful when it comes to hosting and powering your content, we need to be sure you want us to delete it from our servers. Fill out the cancellation form to authorize us to cancel your account and remove all of your content. When you cancel your account, any Hub or Flipbook links/URLs will break.

NOTE:  Please allow for at least 2 business days for our team to perform the cancellation

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