Editing Your Account Profile Details

October 14, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

Your Account's Profile Details were likely set up during your Free Trial signup, but you can make changes to this information whenever you need to, for example, when your email has changed or someone else is taking over a project and their contact details need to be added to the account.

Whether you need to update any contact details, change your username or account password, integrate third party analytics, or change environment settings, this is all done by accessing your Account Settings page.

Step 1 - Access Account Settings

First, you need to View your profile by clicking on the Profile icon in the top right of your screen and select visit "my account" section.

Next, click 'Edit' beside Profile Details:

Edit Profile Details

You will now be in the Edit Profile screen, where you can access and update the following sections. 

When you are finished making changes to any or all of these sections you can just click submit to update your account.

(1) Profile Details:  Update your contact details and change your password

2) Options: Block Support/Management Access

If you would like to block Uberflip's Customer Success Team from accessing your account, there's a way to enable this option. However, if this option is turned on we will not be able to provide support if you have any issues specific to your account.

Other Options on the Account Profile Details Screen

From the Profile Details page you can also directly access your profile details, view and edit your pack subscription, and view the page limit for your Flipbooks.

(1) View Information

View your username, Uberflip User ID, when you signed up, and when you last logged in.

(2) View and Edit Pack Subscription

View what pack type you're currently on and adjust as needed.

(3) View Page Limit for Flipbook and Enable Block Management

View Page Limits for your Flipbook uploads and turn on/off Block Management capabilities. 

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