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October 14, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

If you have set up any folders to automatically upload your documents via FTP schedule (Edit Folder>Automation), you can access a report that shows the status of all attempts.

Step 1 - Go to 'My Account' Overview

Select visit "my account" section from the Profile icon in the top right of your Account.

Step 2 - Select 'Schedules' 

In the left hand menu under the Reports section, click on Schedules.

Choose the data range for your report, and any specific search terms and click "Search".

In the results you will see the Scheduled FTP jobs that have been attempted and the status/result of those attempts.

The attempts column will indicate how many times our system has tried to access your FTP server to upload your PDF.

After 3 failed attempts, the system will not try again and you will be required to either reschedule your FTP job at the title level OR complete your upload manually.

The completed jobs will show a status of SUCCESS, but be sure to check for any status of ERROR as this means your upload was not completed successfully.

A click on the ERROR link will display a popup showing you the attempts made and the reason why the job was not successful.


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