Flipbooks Usage Reports

October 14, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

When viewing your Account profile you can also access a report that will show a list of your Upload usage for PDF uploads. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Go to 'My Account' Overview

Select visit "my account" section from the Profile icon in the top right of your Account.

Step 2 - Select 'Usage Reports' 

In the left menu, click Usage Reports under the Reports tab.

Step 3 - View Uploaded Flipbooks

Configure a date range using the 'Update Report Range' settings at the bottom of the page to view all of the Flipbooks you have uploaded or deleted during that period.

The report will list columns indicating Flipbook ID, Flipbook Name, Status, Date Flipbook created, and Date Flipbook last modified (or deleted).

The statuses can be:

  • Active: Flipbook is available on the system and live for the public to view.
  • Disabled:  Flipbook is available on the system but it's unavailable to the public. Account manager cannot view the Flipbook. 
  • Future Pub: Flipbook is available on the system and set to go live for public view at a future date.  Only logged in Account managers will be able to view the publication.
  • Deleted: Flipbook was uploaded previously but deleted AFTER the 12 hour grace period.  The Flipbook Upload is not recouped back to the account for another use in this case.

Total chargeable Uploads can be viewed in the bottom left of the table.  Number of deleted, non recoverable Uploads is shown in parenthesis.

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