How to Get Your Hub ID, API Key and Secret

December 21, 2016 Jason Oakley

There are many apps you can integrate your Hub with if you have the right information. Generally you'll need your Hub ID, API key and secret.

To get your an API key and secret, open your account settings by hovering your username in the upper-right corner of your Hub dashboard.

Click 'Account Settings' in the drop-down menu (should be the first choice in the list).

Remember that not all account types have access to the same features and sections. So if the menu looks different for you it's possible you're logged in under an account type that doesn't have permission to access 'Account Settings'.

REST API Credentials & Generate

Open 'REST API Credentials' under 'Integration' in the menu on the left (1).

Then click the 'Generate API Key & Secret' button (2).

The app will automatically create the API key and secret in your account. You can then use this information for creating your own applications.

Here's what the REST API Credentials screen will look like:

Where to Find Your Hub ID

URLs for the Hub and in the Uberflip app have have numbers attached that represent ID numbers. Depending on what screen you're on, the numbers will change.

When you first log in to your account, the Hub ID will display at the end of the URL.


Pro Tip: If you're looking at the URL and see more than one set of numbers, go to the Hub dashboard. From there you should only see the Hub ID.

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