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December 21, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success


A Hub is the place where all content is collected and presented to viewers. 

Content Streams    

Content streams pull in content from pre-determined sources like YouTube, Flipbook folders, social channels, or others. Content streams cannot be altered to pull in more than one type of content. 

Marketing Streams

Marketing streams pull content from various streams to create a customized page. Marketing streams may be made for various reasons, popular examples being topic- or persona-related.


An item is any piece within a Hub, be it a Flipbook, blog post, video, or any other type of content. 


A tile is the rectangular item in your Hub that links to a piece of content.


A Flipbook is an interactive upload of a PDF. Flipbooks can be edited to add rich media, like videos and social embeds, as well as the addition of navigation features and other links. 

Form CTA    

A form CTA collects information from visitors and sends it to a marketing automation tool or email provider. Form CTAs can be used to gate content or can be set to be closed out of for non-mandatory collections (like newsletter subscribes).

Link CTA    

A link CTA can send visitors to any URL, be it within the hub or on a different domain. Link CTAs do not collect information and are used solely for the direction of traffic.

Overlay CTA    

An overlay CTA pops up over a piece of content. An overlay can be used to gate content or can be dismissible. It can also be set to pop up after a certain period of time.


Hub users have the option to show or hide an item. This does not translate into publishing and unpublishing. An item that is hidden is still live, but cannot be seen unless the viewer has the direct link. 

Content Score    

The Content Score is an at-a-glance look at how content in the Hub is performing. The Content Score takes into account views, landing visits, Link CTA Clicks, leads generated, and assists. 


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