Integrate Act-On with your Uberflip Hub.

  • The Basics: Uberflip & Act-On

    The Basics: Uberflip & Act-On

    As a content marketer, it's more than likely that one of your biggest challenges is utilizing your content to convert visitors into customers.

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  • Setting Up Your Act-On Integration

    Setting Up Your Act-On Integration

    Setting up your Act-On integration can be done from two different places: the Integrations page, and when creating a new Form CTA for the first time.

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  • Field Management with Act-On

    Field Management with Act-On

    Adding, removing, and re-syncing form fields on an Act-On Form CTA is very straightforward.

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  • Setting Up Form CTAs with Act-On

    Setting Up Form CTAs with Act-On

    When creating a Form CTA, you will be directed to the service configuration portion of the CTA (first tab). To start, click on the Act-On icon to create your Act-On-linked Form CTA.

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  • Disconnecting Your Act-On Integration

    Disconnecting Your Act-On Integration

    This article goes through the two steps required to disconnect your Act-On integration

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