The Basics: Uberflip & Act-On

December 12, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

As a content marketer, it's more than likely that one of your biggest challenges is utilizing content to convert your visitors into customers. 

Uberflip's Act-On integration makes it easy to leverage your content to generate new leads, nurture existing leads through the sales process, and automate marketing campaigns.

To help you get the most out of Uberflip's Act-On integration, here’s an overview of how it works as well as a few use cases outlining exactly how you can best use the integration to generate, nurture and convert more qualified leads.

How the Act-On / Uberflip Integration Works 

The ability to connect an Uberflip CTA to an Act-On landing page or sync a Form CTA to an Act-On List provides a seamless experience for your end users, while making the process as simple as possible for you.

In the Uberflip application, there are 2 types of CTAs you can create:

  1. A Form CTA to collect a host of contact information
  2. A Link CTA to direct people to a website, post, or landing page

The Form CTA is where most of the magic of the integration truly happens. When you start creating Form CTAs, you’ll be given the option to link them with a pre-existing List inside of Act-On. You must select a List so that when your users fill out the Form CTA they'll be easy to find inside your Act-On instance. 

Once you've set this up, any lead that fills in your Uberflip CTA will have their information automatically fed into Act-On. Why is this so powerful? There are several ways you can slice and dice the user information within Act-On, but it boils down to this:

  1. Capture More Leads: Leverage the flexibility of Uberflip's Form CTAs to dynamically place highly converting calls-to-action throughout your digital content.
  2. Identify High Converting Content: Understand how your audience consumes your content to learn what they're most interested in and what converts best.
  3. Trigger Campaigns Instantly: Send your contacts directly to your marketing automation software to trigger personalized lead nurture campaigns.

Example #1 - Build Your Prospect Database

Using Uberflip's powerful Form CTAs makes it easy to build, segment, and nurture your Lead and Customer lists over time. Best of all, users who fill out a Form CTA will automatically have their information added to an existing Act-On list of your choosing, making reporting a quick and easy process. 

Example #2  - Create More Effective Landing Pages

By using Uberflip's Form CTAs in an 'Overlay' placement, you can easily turn any piece of content in your Hub into an engaging landing page that converts - all in just a few seconds. 

Some Uberflippers have been able to increase conversion rates by up to 250% by using Overlay CTAs in lieu of Landing Pages. 

Example #3 - Trigger a Campaign

Once you’ve captured  a prospect's contact information via a Form CTA (either by asking people to subscribe or enticing them to access gated content) you can trigger an email campaign as soon as the info hits your Act-On account. You can even trigger different campaigns based on which CTA was filled out and what content that particular contact finds interesting.

Ready to get started? 

Click here to learn how to integrate Act-On with your Hub.

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