Adding a Blog Stream

Pulling your blog into your Hub is a great way to optimize and showcase your best top-of-the-funnel content.

Uberflip allows you to easily pull in your blog using your website URL or RSS Feed address. When you are ready to do so, head over to your Hubs management screen and look for 'Manage Content' from the left menu.  Click the '+new' button beside it.

A new window will pop up and you will be able to select the blog icon as shown below.

From here, enter your website URL, blog URL, or your RSS feed's URL. Regardless of what you enter here, we'll always search for the RSS feed.

Once you've entered the URL, you'll have a few optional things to configure. They are: 

(1) Start from scratch

If you do not have an existing RSS feed, you can select this option to start creating a blog from scratch. You will be able to author, publish and design blog posts directly from within the Uberflip application using the Blog Authoring Tool.

(2) Allow small images to be used for thumbnails

Selecting this option  will scan the article for smaller images to be used as the thumbnail image on the blog tile. If there are no images found in the article, text will be seen in the thumbnail image.

(3) Automatically match and create author profiles

Selecting this option will automatically find the author of the blog article and create an author profile. Next time a post is published with the same author, it will be recognized and added at the bottom of the post. 

Select any, or all, of the above and you'll be ready for the final step. When you are ready to import your blog, just click on the blue button at the end of the page.

Just like that, you have imported your blog into Uberflip! You're rollin' now.

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