Adding a Flipbook Stream

Think about your Hub as the home for your Flipbooks; it's a great place to bring them together into a single engaging experience.

Just like the rest of your content, you can import your Flipbooks by going to to your 'Manage Hubs' screen and clicking on 'Manage Content' from the left menu. From there, select the PDF icon in the popup that appears.

You will then be prompted to select the Folder you would like to import into your Hub. If you would like to import them all, you will need to repeat this process until all Folders are in your Hub.

Please note that it is important to have your Flipbooks segmented into different folders prior to importing them into the Hub. 

Once you have selected which Folder you would like to import, click on the blue 'Import' button and you'll be able to view your new Flipbook stream!

That's it! Repeat this process to import as many Flipbook streams as you'd like. 

Things That are Good to Know

Some changes made on Flipbooks in your Hub may transfer over to your Hub Stream. For example, disabling a Flipbook hides it in the Flipbook Stream in your Hub, and deleting a Flipbook will remove the Item from the Flipbook Stream

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