Adding a Twitter Stream

Adding a Twitter Stream to your Hub is a great way to make your Tweets a more active part of your marketing strategy and to introduce elements of "social proof" into your Hub.

This article will guide you through setting up and managing your Twitter Stream. You can create a Stream for all of your tweets,  or have a Stream for different lists that you have created in Twitter, or create a Stream for just your favorite tweets.

NOTE: Hubs that do not have a custom domain ( will be configured to support Twitter cards, which will ensure that your tweets will be displayed in their optimal format. Hubs that use a custom domain will need to manually request validation for Twitter cards on Twitter. Click here to access Twitter's Card Validator.

Step 1 - Add a Stream

Manage your Hub and click on '+new' button next to 'Manage Content'.

Step 2 - Select 'Twitter' Icon

From the list of options that appears in the popup, click the Twitter icon.


Step 3 - Authorize Your Account

If you've already done so, this step will be skipped.


Step 4 - Choose Which Twitter Content to Import

You can choose to import Twitter content in 3 different ways (each is highlighted in the screenshot below): 

(1) All Tweets

Select All Tweets to import your company's entire Twitter feed. Note however, that this will pull in EVERY post, including @reply's. If your company uses your Twitter account for customer service, you may  not want to choose this import method. 

(2) Twitter Favorites

Pulling in your Favorite Tweets is a much more controlled method of using Twitter content on your Hub. If your marketing team favorites all Tweets that positively mention your brand, pulling those Favorited Tweets into your Hub can add a terrific element of social proof to your Hub.

(3) Twitter Lists

Last but not least, you can select a specific Twitter List you have created to import as a Stream. Twitter lists will allow you to curate Tweets from accounts other than your own. 

If you're interested in learning more about Content Curation with Twitter, click here to learn more.

5. That's it!

Select 'View Stream' to head over to your new creation or click '+ Add Another Stream' to create a new one.


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