Adding a Vimeo Video Stream

Adding a Vimeo Stream is a great way to show off your videos.

This article will guide you through setting up and managing your Vimeo Stream.  

Step 1 - Add a Stream

From your Hub home screen, visit the 'Content' area of your Hub and select '+ New Stream'. 


Step 2 - Select the "Vimeo" logo

On the popup that appears, click the "Vimeo" logo

Step 3 - Allow Uberflip to connect with Vimeo

When authorizing the connection with your Vimeo account, you will have the following options:

  1. Allow access to Private and Public videos
  2. Allow access to just Public videos

Pro tip: Keep in mind, you can always hide videos that are imported and it is better to have more videos than you need than to be missing a few. Most of our clients choose to allow access to Private and Public videos and then hide/delete any irrelevant videos.

Step 4 - Select Content to Import

Using Vimeo, you can choose to import in two different ways (each is shown in the screenshot below): 

(1) All Videos

Your own uploaded, 'public' content.

(2) Groups

Vimeo Groups can be created to allow you to aggregate your videos into a single location for import to your Hub. With these Groups, you can include your own videos and videos from other Vimeo users.

Pro tip: We recommend choosing to import specific groups or all of your videos. Importing both can cause videos to be imported into your Hub twice. If you think that you will likely use most of your videos, we would recommend the "all videos" option. If just a select list of videos will be relevant in your Hub, the "group" option may make more sense. Again, you can always hide videos that are imported and it is better to have more videos than you need than to be missing a few.


Step 5 - That's It!

Select View Stream to head over to your new creation or click + Add Another Stream to create a new one.

Help! A Video I Marked PRIVATE in Vimeo is in my Hub! What Gives?
Keep in mind that if you've allowed access to your private videos and selected 'All Videos' for your Vimeo Stream, the Hub will import all your videos, regardless of if they're marked private or public.

To only import certain videos, we recommend creating a Group that will have videos you want to be imported into your Hub. Then when you're creating a Vimeo stream, choose that Group for importing.


Have questions, concerns, or comments? Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team at or 1 (888) 694-2946.

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