How to Optimize Your RSS Feed For Your Hub (HubSpot)

RSS feeds can be tricky. Depending on how they're set up, they can often display your content very differently in your Hub. This post will outline how you can optimize the RSS feed for your HubSpot blog to add content to your Hub exactly as expected.

When you first import a HubSpot blog, you might notice that the whole post doesn't get imported. With a couple of updates, you can configure your HubSpot blog to show the full post.

A word of warning that if you've imported a HubSpot blog before changing these settings, you'll have to delete your blog Stream in your Hub and re-import.

Here's a link to a post from HubSpot's Knowledge Base on how to configure your blog's subscription options.

To optimize your HubSpot blog for your Uberflip Hub, you'll want to navigate to Content > Content Settings. Then, from the left side menu, click on Blog > Subscriptions. Here, you'll want to un-check the 'Show summaries in RSS' option in HubSpot.

You may also want to update the number in the box under 'Number of Posts in RSS Feed'. By default, there's a limit  to the number you can include in this box - 50.

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