SEO Titles and Descriptions for Streams

There's been a big change to the way that you optimize your Streams for SEO! 

Up until now, you've only had the option of creating one Title and Description for each Stream, that would show on the front end of your Hub and be indexed by search engines. 

You'll now notice that you can set an SEO Title and SEO Description that is exclusively meant for search engines!

Why the Change? 

This feature has existed on Hub Items for some time now, as a way to give marketers the flexibility of writing one version of a Title and Description that shows on their Hub tiles and another that could be specifically optimized for SEO. Many of your requested this feature on Streams as well and we couldn't agree more that it's a fundamental feature to help make your Hub an SEO powerhouse. 

How Does it Work?

The default Title and Description is what shows at the top of your public facing Stream page, like the example below:

If an SEO Title and Description is NOT provided, then the defaults will be crawlable by search engines as the meta title and meta description for that page.

However, with the option to now add an SEO Title and SEO Description, you can specify what you want search engines to see as the meta title and meta description for your page, while having the flexibility to keep it unique on the public facing Stream!


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