Optimizing the Latest Content Feed

Your Hub's home page can either be a collection of your Latest Content, or a Marketing Stream. In this article, we will cover optimizing your Latest Content. Click here for more on using a Marketing Stream for your Hub's home page

There are a few actions you can perform in Uberflip to ensure that your best performing content is always front and center.

What is the Latest Content Feed? 

How do we define the Latest Content Feed? A good place to start is by understanding the Hub. Your Hub is the central space where you manage and optimize  all your digital content.

When we pull content into your Hub, we create a Latest Content Feed (your Hub's home page), where all your curated content - regardless of type - comes together providing an engaging and responsive experience to visitors. 

Your Latest Content Feed is a fantastic opportunity for you to engage users with your latest and greatest content as soon as they access your Hub. We can optimize our Latest Content Feed by:

Featuring Best Content ‘Stars’

Enabling Form Call-to-action Home Page Placement 

The Hubs Lab Options

Featuring Your Best Content “Stars” 

Every marketer has that one piece of killer content they want to make the star of the show.

The 'Feature' option in Uberflip makes it easy to lock fresh and high-performing pieces of content to the top of your Latest Content feed, ensuring your Hub visitors see your star content first.

Step 1 - Choose the Stream.

On the main management page for your Hub, click ‘Manage Content’ and choose one of your content streams.

For example, let's say you've published a webinar as a Wistia video in your Hub. To feature this, you would click into your ‘Videos’ stream and locate the awesome video you want to feature. 

Step 2 - Look to the Star. 

Without clicking to edit the content piece at the item level, hover over the item and locate the star icon at the bottom. 

Click and voila! The item will now be a ‘star’ feature on your Latest Content Feed - locked to the top of the home page of your Hub.

You’ll also notice that when you come across this item throughout your Hub, a transparent star will live in the top right corner, so you can easily see which of the Items in your Hub are featured.

Enabling Form Call-to-action Home Page Placement

We recommend placing Form CTAs at every layer of your Hub (including Latest Content) to increase opportunities for lead generation. To support high lead gen goals, your Latest Content Feed page should include at least 4-5 contextual, recurring  CTAs

Step 1 - Click 'Call-to-Actions'

Under the main management screen for your Hub, click  ‘Call-To-Action’ on the left hand menu. From there you can select a Form CTA you've already created, or build a new one. 

Step 2 - Enable Home placement of the CTA.   

Once inside of the new form you created, navigate to ‘Placement’.  Under ‘Placement’, you’ll notice the option to feature the Call-to-action on the Home Page. 

Choose how many times this CTA will appear and repeat on your Latest Content feed.

We recommend placing one or two Form CTAs at the top of the page ( the 2nd,3rd or 4th position) to ensure a visitor is greeted as soon as they land on your feed.  

When you are happy with the positioning, check off  ‘Enable’ in the top right. Feel free to enable this feature on your existing calls-to-actions! 

Remember: Creating a targeted CTA for the broader audience landing on your Latest Content feed is a bit different. You don’t want to ask for too much information from visitors yet, so something like a newsletter or webinar sign up are good examples of appropriate CTAs.

The Hubs Lab Options 

Hub Labs is a place where we've put some amazing content marketing-focused design features. These are the features that our very own marketing team requested that we build into the platform. 

Once in the main management screen for your Hub, click on 'Appearance' then 'Hubs Lab' at the top:

You’ll see a number of options to choose from, but to change how your Latest Content Feed works, you'll want to use the options: 'Permanent (and shorter) Hero', 'Always Display Top Banner', and 'Highlight First Item'.

Permanent (and shorter) Hero

Ensures that when your Latest Content feed loads, the Hero will take up less of screen.

Why It’s Great: provides your visitors a  taste of your content feed regardless of whether they scroll down or not. See our Hub, at the top for an example of this effect. 

Always Display to Top Banner

Locks your navigation bar above your Hero banner. 

Why It’s Great: Ensures that if a visitor loves your Latest Content feed, they have the option to easily navigate into one your marketing streams and dive deeper into some personalized content. Similar to Permanent (and shorter) Hero, when your top banner is locked above your Hero your Latest Content is as visible as possible. 

Highlighting Your First Option

Enlarges the first item on your Latest Content Feed to the size of 4 individual item tiles.

Why It’s Great:  Further promotes the consumption of already featured pieces of content - makes your piece scream “read me now!” Best practice is to highlight a new piece of content that you are looking promote (such as a whitepaper that coincides with a webinar you are running) or select content previously uploaded that has killer conversation rates, page views, link clicks, or download metrics.

To get even more out of the highlight feature, place a gated Call-to-action to get information on visitors who are enticed to click.

See these features in action on our own Blog!

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