Stream Options

Each Stream has a number of options that help control functionality and appearance.

Depending on the type of Stream, you have access to a few different options. 

Step 1 - Manage Content & Select Stream

From Hubs Management section of your Account, go to Manage Content and select a Stream. If you have more than one Hub, you may need to select it from the 'Hubs' drop down list in your account (#1 in the screenshot below).

Step 2 - Select Options

When managing a Stream, hover over the expandable drop down menu (accordion menu) and click on Options.

Step 3 - Check or Un-Check Options

The 'Options' button opens a pop-up box with a number of options for the Stream. Checking the boxes will turns on these options at the Stream level only.

Here's an explanation of each of the options:

Stream Options include: 

(1) Show 'read more' link to original source

Applies to: Blog Streams, Marketing Streams

A 'read more' link will appear below each article in a Stream. This is particularly useful when the full articles are not being displayed within your Hub. If you've authored in posts directly within the Hub using the Blog Authoring tool, you will not see the "Read more..." link appear. 

(2) Prevent using small images as thumbnails 

Applies to: Blog Streams

If enabled, only images of minimum size 180 x 100 will display in the tiles for this Stream. Images smaller than this will appear stretched out when displayed in your Hub, which is why it is recommended that this option be selected. Certain services have been whitelisted because they have images smaller than this minimum size (e.g. Tumblr), so we will automatically select this option for you. If you would like to use the images anyway, you may deselect this option.

(3) Exclude this Stream from the 'Latest Content' feed on your Hub

Applies to: Document Streams, Social Streams, Video Streams, Blog Streams, Marketing Streams

The Items in this Stream will not appear in the 'Latest Content' section of your Hub or in RSS feeds. This is a handy option if you'd like to prevent posts from a Marketing Stream, or from more frequently updated Streams like Twitter, from cluttering your Latest Content feed.

(4) Pause automatic updating of this Stream

Applies to: Blog Streams, Social Streams, Video Streams, Document Streams

When enabled, new content at the source will not automatically import into this Stream. If you'd like to have more control over the content that appears in your Streams, this is a great option. Manually updating the Stream is still an option that would be available.

(5) Disable Comments 

Applies to: Video Streams, Blog Streams, SlideShare Streams, Marketing Streams 

Disable Disqus commenting integration for Items in that Stream.

(6) No Robots Meta Tag 

Applies to: Document Streams, Social Streams, Video Streams, Blog Streams

Prevent search engines from indexing the Stream and its Items.  Use this option if you want to keep the Stream from being access through search engines (IE private link) or if you want to prevent duplicate content SEO penalties.

(7) Enable Canonical Meta Tag 

Applies to: Blog Streams, Marketing Streams

Add a meta tag to tell search engines where the original source of each article is (i.e. your blog on your website).   Use this option if you want search engines to link to your original article source and avoid duplicate content SEO penalties.

(8) Auto Redirect to Item's Canonical URL

Applies to: Blog Streams, Marketing Streams

When enabled, you can use a Hub Blog Stream Tile list as a beautiful interface into the original Blog Article Web page per the canonical meta tag.   When enabled, all Items in the Stream will have a 301 redirect in place which will point users as well as search engines to the original blog article's URL.   

(9) Share Item's Original Location

Applies to: Marketing Streams

Concerned about splitting social media share counts? When enabled, this Option will ensure that Items displaying in a Marketing Stream will have all share links reference the Item's original Stream, even if a user shares the Item from the Marketing Stream.

(10) Open Flipbooks in 'Expanded' Mode

Applies to: Flipbook Streams, Marketing Streams

Flipbooks will automatically fill the browser window in the expanded mode with this option checked. Note: if you intend to use Form CTAs to "gate" this content, enabling 'Expanded' Mode can create a jumpy experience.

(11) Show Buttons to Download PDF and Expand Flipbook

Applies to: Flipbook Streams, Marketing Streams

When enabled, this option will add buttons beneath a Flipbook to allow users to download the original PDF or expand to full screen mode with a single click. Careful if you're using the 'Open Flipbooks in 'Expanded' Mode' option - Flipbooks will automatically take up the fullscreen once opened, so users will not see these options if they're activated.

(12) Disable Video CTAs

Applies to: Video Streams (Vidyard Only), Marketing Streams

For Vidyard users, if you've placed slide-out CTAs on imported videos, this option disables that feature (try gating the video with a Form CTA instead).

(13) Disable auto playback

Applies to: (Some) Video Streams, Marketing Streams

This option stops videos from automatically playing once it has loaded. 

(14) List View

Applies to: All Streams

Enabling List View will display Items in this Stream as a List instead of Tiles. Please note: when enabled, share buttons and Stream level CTAs will not display.

(15) Fake Links on Social Tiles

Applies to: Social Media Streams, Marketing Streams

When enabled, any links within your social tiles will NOT be clickable, forcing users to view the Item first.

(16) Exclude From Overall Search Results

Applies to: All Streams

This option, when enabled, will exclude all Items within the Stream from your Hub's search results.

(17) Allow Inline Formatting

Applies to: Blog Streams

When enabled, any inline style defined in the Blog's RSS feed will apply when importing that RSS feed's Items.

(18) Enable Author Matching

Applies to: Blog Streams

When enabled, we'll create any new Authors an RSS feed defines OR attempt to match existing Author profiles already defined within Hub Options>Authors to incoming new Blog Articles.

(19) Show in Extensions

Applies to: All Streams

This option allows Items in the Stream to show up in your Uberflip Chrome or Outlook Extension. For all Streams in your Hub, this option is automatically on. If there are any Streams in your Hub that you don't want users to share through the Extension, un-check this option.

(20) Pin in Extensions

Applies toAll Streams

When checked, the Stream will be pinned as a tab in the Uberflip Chrome or Outlook Extension (depending on what you use). If more than 3 Streams are pinned, only the first 3 will be displayed and only the user who 'pins' a Stream will see it.

(21) Display Flipbooks with HTML5

 Applies to: Flipbook Streams, Custom Streams

Our HTML5 Flipbook display can be automatically applied to all Flipbooks within a Stream with this option. If you'd like the HTML5 display for all Flipbooks in your account, get in touch and we'll help out.

(22) Feature Items Within the Stream

If your account has enabled the "Featuring at Stream Level" beta feature, all featured stream Items will be honored (pushed to the top and decorated) in a Stream view. Featuring at the Stream-level means featured content no longer just lives on your Latest Content feed!

(23) Enable Preview Mode

For long-form content, this feature lets you shorten what is visible on the page and display a "Continue Reading" button. Once the button is clicked, the rest of the content appears. This is a great way to show readers the bottom of your item page immediately and expose them to other related content. 



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