Updates to Manage Content, Custom Streams & Target Streams

Say goodbye to 'Manage Content', 'Custom Streams', and 'Target Streams'! Don't worry, these important and valuable features aren't going anywhere. However, we are making a few important changes to the names of key features inside your Hubs. 

Starting today you'll  notice the following changes:

  • you'll manage and edit your Hub content on the 'Content' page
  • your Custom Streams are now called 'Marketing Streams'
  • your Target Streams are now called 'Sales Streams'.

Why the Change?

We've added a ton of new features and functionality to the Hubs platform over the past few years. Hubs are now actively used by not only marketing teams, but sales teams and customer success teams as well. As a result of that growth, we want to ensure that Uberflip continues to be an intuitive platform for all who use it. Our goal is to make it quick and easy for marketers, salespeople, and customer success professionals to find and leverage content, at every stage of the buyer journey. This starts with making it easy to identify the correct type of Uberflip Stream.

The New 'Content' Page

The first change you’ll notice is that the 'Manage Content' page has become, simply, 'Content'.

If you need to aggregate, upload, or create new content in your Hub, visit the 'Content' page. Only the label has changed here; it’s still easy as ever to integrate your Source Streams (blogs, videos, presentations, social content, and Flipbooks). You'll notice that drop down menus are no longer a part of the application. To access your list of Streams under a category (i.e. Videos), just click on the heading and you'll see your list of Streams. You can also click on the 'All' button to view every Stream you've integrated into your Hub. 

Marketing Streams

On the new 'Content' page, you'll notice that 'Custom Streams' are no longer included in the top menu. Don’t worry, your 'Custom Streams' are still alive and well! They’re just called 'Marketing Streams' now. Click on the 'Marketing' heading and you'll see a list of your created 'Marketing Streams'.

Remember, your Hub’s 'Marketing Streams' were designed to be used by your Marketing team to:   

  • Create contextual Streams of content to be put into your Hub’s menu (focus on key topics of  interest, the industries you serve, or your buyer personas, for example - see an example here)
  • Power account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns (see an example here)
  • Create one-off experiences for small events of campaigns (see an example here)

Sales Streams

You’ll also notice that the Target Streams link in the left menu is gone. You'll find your Target Streams now live on the 'Content' page and have a new name: 'Sales Streams'. Click on the 'Sales' heading and you'll see a list of created 'Sales Streams'.

Remember, your Hub’s 'Sales Streams' are designed to be used by your customer-facing teams, like Sales and Customer Success, to:

  • Create one-to-one content experiences for their prospects or target accounts at each stage of the buyer journey (see an example here)
  • Create one-to-one experiences for customers, focusing on onboarding, training, and delivering best practices (see an example here)

Please Note: Each of these changes is purely a back-end application change only. This change will not have an impact on your content Hubs.

Please reach out to our Customer Success team at success@uberflip.com or 1 (888) 694-2946 x 2 if you have any questions about these updates.

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