AddThis Integration

August 4, 2017 Uberflip Customer Success

This article will introduce you to AddThis, show you how to integrate it with your Hub, how to customize your integration, and outline the removal of the default social share icons from your posts and pages within your Hub.

What is it?

AddThis is a free social sharing plugin that makes it easy for your fans, followers, prospects and customers to share you content to various social media platforms. 

A proven, effective and easy-to-use social sharing solution, AddThis can help you leverage your audience into more views, shares, and leads. It's also a great analytics tool that provides powerful insights and can help you truly understand your audience. You can see an example of the AddThis toolbar on our Hub.

How to Create an AddThis Account  

Step 1: If you don't already have an AddThis account, you can create one at using your Google or Facebook accounts, or your email address. 

Step 2: Enable the Share Buttons Tool. This allows your audience to easily share your entire Hub or any individual Stream. 

From Tools in the top menu, select Add New Tool. 

Step 3: Select Share Buttons

Step 4: Select Floating under Select a Tool Type, and click Continue.

How to Customize

Step 1: Select where on the screen you would like your floating toolbar to appear, whether or not you would like the share counter, the number of services and which social media channels you would like to include. 

Note: As a best practice, we recommend not including share counters. 

Step 2: Customize the appearance of your toolbar in terms of color, size, and shape. 


Step 3: Select Advanced Options and specify if you would like it to appear or be hidden on specific pages. 


Step 4: Save and Continue. 


How to Integrate your AddThis Social Share Bar into your Hub. 

Step 1: Copy the code. Once you have setup your AddThis toolbar, you will then be directed to the code. Select 'HTML Website'. You will just need your RA Code, which is highlighted in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Login to your Uberflip account and visit your Hub's Integrations page. Find the AddThis integration and click the blue Connect button. 


Step 3: Enter your AddThis Profile ID (also known as your RA code). Copy and paste your RA code from Step 1. 

Note: If you need to access your RA code again, click on the "on this page" link and it will direct you to your AddThis account. Select "Get the Code" to retrieve your RA code. 


Step 4: Paste your RA code/Profile ID into the field and click "Connect" to finalize your integration. 

Hiding your Social Counter Widget 

When you first sign up with Uberflip, you will have access to the default set of Social Share icons that come standard. When you integrate your own AddThis account, you will then have two sets of icons on your site! Ours and yours:

As a best practice, we recommend that you Hide the Default Widget as it creates a duplicate toolbar. 

In Integrations, find the AddThis integration and select Edit. Check the Hide Default Widget box, and Save

That's it! You've integrated AddThis into your Hub, and social sharing buttons will now display beside each piece of content. To access your AddThis analytics, just log back into your AddThis account

Have questions, concerns, or comments? Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team at or 1 (888) 694-2946.​