Uberflip + Digesto + Marketo Expanding the Content Experience

May 23, 2018

Your content is key to the relationships with your prospects and customers. By combining Marketo, Uberflip, and Digesto you can expand the content experience for your leads and customers all while relieving stress on your marketing team.

“Using Digesto with Uberflip is seamless. People can easily subscribe to our blog through Uberflip and then automatically receive an email every time we publish a new blog post. The integration saves us at least an hour for every new blog article published.”

- Kristine Lyng, Associate Director of Marketing at Datanyze.

Whether you’re using Hubs, Marketing Streams, Sales Streams, or ABM Streams, you can easily extend the life of your content by sending automated Hub or Stream email updates. Before we jump into the how: why do this?

First: email was the preferred medium of communications for brands in 2017 and will continue to be so well into the future. Second: the amount of time it takes for new publications to receive half of the clicks they’ll ever get is probably a few hours at most. Sharing multiple times can double your content’s lifetime. Finally, building blogs or news feed emails manually is a waste of time—and money. Based on customer feedback we were able to estimate that waste:

With Marketo, Uberflip, and Digesto, this can all be done in a fully automated fashion.

“What we really like about Digesto is that it’s automatic – we set up the digests to go on a particular day of the month (i.e., the first Wednesday) and Digesto pulls together the content for all the new posts that haven’t been sent out yet, and sends it out. We just have to make sure that any posts we want to hit that month’s digest are published in Uberflip before it goes out!”

- Colleen Raymond, Digital Marketing Manager at Esri Canada

Here is How to Set This Up in 5 Simple Steps.

1. Start Collecting New Subscribers

This can be done by adding a new CTA and linking the CTA form to a dedicated Marketo Static List.

2. Organize Your Streams and Get Their RSS Output

If you need to re-organize your content check out this article for some tips on organizing Hubs and Streams. If you already have a Hub and your content sorted out, access it and grab the RSS link.

To get the RSS link from your Hub:
From your Hub page, click on the “(RSS)” label beside the name of your hub. The link should look like this: “http://your-hub-url/h/feed.rss”  

For Streams, look for the RSS Icon on the top navigation bar.

3. Plug the RSS URL into Digesto and Build Your Email

Head over to Digesto and open your 14-day free trial account if you don’t have one yet. Go to the Setup page and fill in Marketo API credentials. Then create a new Digest and configure your Digest.

Paste your RSS feed URL and select an email template:

Preview your email and adjust the layout to match your needs and align with your branding.

Tip: Make your content easy to share on social networks by enabling sharing links.

4. Setup Your Marketo Email Send Program

For this you will need to create a Marketo program that will host three local tokens, one email, and two smart campaigns. These smart campaigns will not be scheduled from Marketo, but rather scheduled from Digesto at the frequency you will control from the Digesto configurations. Detailed instructions are available from the Digesto Knowledge base too.

Here is an overview of the Marketo Program:

5. Test and Turn on Self-Driving Autopilot

Once setup is done you can send a sample email to your team for review and turn on your recurring schedule. You can choose any frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) for Digesto to look for newly published content, and distribute it to you subscribers without having to touch anything.  

And that’s all there is to it!

If You Don’t Believe Us, Check Out the Results our Customers have seen:

In 2017, email open rates ranged from 33% - 50%, and click through rates ranged from 16% - 28% because of Digesto and Uberflip. - Esri Canada

We have a 55% open rate and 25% CTR from Digesto triggered emails. - Datanyze

Our page views increased by 121% since implementing Uberflip to host our content,  and Digesto to drive traffic to our posts. - Esri Canada