How To Use The Hub's Embed Tiles Tool

October 16, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

The Hub is great as a standalone site, but you can also incorporate Streams into your own website. 

While you can work in coding your own method of embedding the entire Hub into your site (see this article for more info on that), we've got a tool that will make it very easy for you to embed specific Stream content from your Hub, including Marketing Streams and Latest Content feeds.

NOTE:  This Hub Embed Widget does not support CTAs and only a single instance of this Widget can be added to each external webpage.

Here's how you can access, configure and grab that embed code:

1) From the Hub Menu, select Widgets & Embeds


2) Select Tile Embed

3) Select the Stream you want to embed and choose display options

Referring to the above screenshot:

  1. Choose the Stream you wish to embed from the drop-down
  2. Choose the size of the Item tiles that will display in the embed
  3. Other Options:
  • Max Items Per Row:  Leave as 'Unlimited' and the code will try to include as many Items as it can fit in the horizontal space available on the browser.  Otherwise, only a specified number of Items will display per row based on the horizontal space available.
  • Max Items Total: This defines the total number of Items that will be displayed in the Stream feed.  Leave as 0 for unlimited or ALL available Items.
  • On Item Clicks, open in same window or new window.  You might want to have them open in the same window to keep folks on your site page OR you can have the Item open in its own window and display its direct URL.

4. Click 'Get Code' and you'll be presented with the script to use on your website

4) Copy the provided script > Add to your Web Site Page(s)

Once you have the code generated, you just need to add it to your website's pages as desired.  You can always see how your configuration works on your site, and come back to the code generator and adjust the settings if needed.

NOTE:  If you'd generated and used the Hubs Embed Widget code prior to Nov 21, 2013, you will need to replace that code with the updated version so updates will flow correctly to that widget on your site.  

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