Adding Custom Code to Your Hub: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

You can customize the appearance and functionality of your Hub beyond the tools we provide with Custom HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript!

This article will show you where to access the Custom Code section of your Hub.  Before adding any thing in this section, please be aware of the following:

  • Adding Custom Code to your Hub is up to you and beyond our control.  As a result, we cannot officially support or advise on any particular solution or implementation.

  • We cannot guarantee current CSS selectors will not change in the future. It is your responsibility to maintain this code.

  • Should you experience any problems with your Hub and need to engage our Support team, you may need to disable Custom Code first
  • We don't provide a list of all Hubs element's Ids and Classes.  You'll need to use a browser's 'developer tools' while viewing your Hub to identify these elements so you can target specifically with your custom CSS
  • See this article for more clarification on the level of support we offer

To add Custom Code to your Hub, follow the steps below:

1. Select 'Hubs' from the top menu of the application

2. Select 'Appearance'

3. Select 'Custom Code'

4. Enter your Custom Code in the appropriate HTML, CSS or JavaScript section and be sure to click each section's 'Save HTML', 'Save CSS' or 'Save JavaScript' button to update.




Remember to Save!

Each Custom Code section has its own 'Save' button that will turn blue if you've made changes that haven't been saved.

Click that button to save your changes!

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