Custom CSS Modifications or Adjustments Support

While the Custom CSS feature is a very powerful tool you can use to refine your Hub beyond what is available out of the box, Uberflip Customer Success doesn't offer assistance or troubleshooting for CSS modifications.  We also can’t provide you with code or support for any third-party code modification. 

Why We Don't Provide that Support

The number of ways that Custom CSS can be implemented is almost limitless and we simply cannot provide support for all those custom solutions.  

The CSS selectors and structure that Hubs uses can also change at any point in time without notification, so discovering and maintaining any Custom CSS code that uses those selectors would be up to you.

Where to Get CSS Support

While we can’t offer direct support for specific CSS modifications, there are many free resources available online that can help point you in the right direction.

Websites and Knowledge Bases

Here are a few popular and credible websites you can navigate for CSS tutorials, troubleshooting, and reference guides:

Pro Tip: Ask any developer and they'll tell you that sometimes, a simple Google search will help point you in the right direction! For example.

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