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February 11, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

You can customize the look and feel of your Hub using the Hubs Lab. 

  1. Select your Hub by hovering over the 'Hubs' label in the top left-hand corner to get to the main management screen for your Hub.
  2. Click on 'Appearance'.
  3. Click on 'Hubs Lab' at the top.









Hubs Lab Features 

Simply check/uncheck the the checkboxes for the below features as you desire:


Permanent (and shorter) Hero

Enable this option and your audience won't have to click a button to access the Hubs content from the Hero screen, they can simply scroll down past the shorter Header/Hero screen.  The Header will always appear at the top of your Hub when scrolled to the top.  See our Hub, at the top for an example of this effect


Remove Hero

Enable this option and the large Hero section and image will not display at all.  Your audience will simply see the Hub Menu followed by the Featured/Latest Content list of Item Tiles on your Hub Home at /h/.  Note that this option will override the 'Permanent (and shorter) Hero' option above if enabled and no Hero section will display at all.


Sticky Footer

Rather than have the footer appear once the user hits the very bottom of the page, you can have your custom footer text/code display on the bottom of the screen no matter where they are on the page.  NOTE:  This feature applies to Desktop and Tablets only.  Smartphones will still display the footer at the very bottom of the page once scrolled down.


Next Item Flyout

When viewing a Hubs Item, you can have a 'next Item' object stick to the bottom right of larger screens (Desktop).  Once moused over, the 'next Item' object will expand and you can see more detail about the next Item before clicking.  You can see this feature in action on our own Hub's Items


Highlight First Item

You can make the first Item on a Stream appear more prominently using this feature.  When enabled, the very first Item in the Stream will appear larger , taking up the space that 4 regular sized tiles would take.  Note that the first Item in the list must have an image to be Highlighted like this and there must be at least 5 Items total in the Stream.  See this feature in action on our Blog


Hide Banner on iFrame Embed

If you are embedding your Hub on your own site via an iFrame, you may not want the Hub's banner/header to display. Select this feature to easily disable that banner so your own site's banner/header menu can shine.  


Dark Theme

Try out this new theme for a totally different feel for your Hub's appearance.


Always Display Top Banner

By default the Hub Menu will not show up until the end user scrolls down a bit.  With this option enabled the Hub Menu will display at the top of the Hero when the Hub first loads and it will continue to display at all times.

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