Recommended Image Sizes for Thumbnails and CTAs

August 9, 2017 Uberflip Customer Success

Here are the recommended image sizes for different areas of your Hub:

  • Thumbnails (for blog articles and videos): 500 X 272 pixels 
    • The larger image size ensures that if the tile is featured as the larger tile in the Stream, the image will not be distorted.

  • Thumbnails for default Flipbook tiles: 500 X 580 pixels
    • Keep in mind that the title and description at the bottom of the tile will overlap the bottom of the thumbnail image (140 pixels or 25% of the cover). 
    • Flipbook thumbnails are designed by default to be taller images, similar to the cover of a piece of content/book.
    • If you have requested any changes to your Flipbook tiles (for example, making the thumbnails the same size as article thumbnails), these dimensions may not apply.

  • Calls-to-action (when adding images as the background for CTAs): 250 X 330 pixels
    • More instructions can be found here.

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