Changes to Instagram's API policies and Impact to Uberflip Starting June 1, 2016

UPDATE JULY 7, 2016: 
It has been determined that the changes to Instagram's API and their policies has broken the ability to import 'Liked' posts.  While our team will be investigating into possible ways we can get this working again, we cannot guarantee we will be able get that support back.  Again, we also cannot guarantee the overall Integration will continue to work without trouble going forward post Instagram's  API changes.

UPDATE JUNE 3, 2016: 
Our development team has found a way to keep the Instagram integration working!  (At least for the short term).

At this point, Customers with Instagram Streams will need to re-authorize the integration from within the Uberflip Application to allow for new content to be imported.

We're in a position still though where Instagram could again remove the ability for Uberflip to pull content from their platform so please be aware that although things are working again now, they could stop working at any given moment without notice.

UPDATE JUNE 2, 2016: 
We've confirmed that Instagram's change in policy has broken the Uberflip integration.  
Going forward it will no longer be possible to import Instagram Content into new or existing Hub Streams.  

See below for the details of this change.

Instagram is Changing! (Originally posted May 26, 2016)

Instagram is making some changes to their API policies dictating how their users can share content with 3rd party applications which unfortunately can effect the Hub integration with that service starting on June 1, 2016.   

See this post on Instagram for more detail

After June 1, 2016, only Instagram approved apps will be allowed to access user content through their API.  While we are working to try and get our application approved by Instagram, it seems we are not likely to fall under their supported use cases going forward.

Impact to Hub Users

Once Instagram breaks our integration with them, Hubs will no longer be able to import new content from that service.   Instagram posts that were previously imported into Hubs would remain available and live, at least for the short term.  It is possible and likely that Instagram is going to change their image and video URLs at some point in the future.

We apologize for this inconvenience but Instagram has chosen to go this route and affect not just Uberflip, but many different 3rd party companies who've built some amazing applications!

We will keep this post updated to reflect any new developments.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Thank you!


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