July 2017 Feature Releases: Bombora Integration, User Groups, and SSO

July 29, 2017 Jason Oakley

It's been quite the busy month at Uberflip, with a number of awesome new features being released to help you manage your users and gain amazing insight into your visitors and content. Let's dive in!  


Highlighted Feature Releases:

Bombora Integration

As a content marketer, it can be difficult to know if the content you are creating matches the interests of your visitors. 

Uberflip's Bombora integration makes it easy to gain new insights into your visitors' interests, company size, and industry. In just minutes, you can integrate Bombora into your Hub(s) and start to understand the effectiveness of your content strategy and how you can optimize your content to drive higher engagement and generate more leads.

The Basics: Uberflip & Bombora

User Groups


Managing your Uberflip Team just got easier! With User Groups you can customize your team’s roles by setting permissions on a Group level.

Use an existing group such as 'Content Manager' to assign default permissions like editing and publishing content. You can also create new groups specific to your organizational needs. For example, you can create a "Social Media Coordinator" Group and assign the permissions to share content but not be able to edit or delete content. 

An Introduction to User Groups

Single Sign On (SSO) & Just In Time (JIT) Permissioning

Does your organization leverage the power of Single Sign On (SSO) to make it easy for employees to access a list of third party platforms? Well, you can now add Uberflip to that list!

With SSO enabled in your Hub, users will now have the ability to login using their SSO user credentials. Better yet, with Just In Time (JIT) Permissioning new team members can create accounts automatically using their SSO credentials. No more having to create new users manually! 🙌

How To Enable Single Sign On (SSO) In Your Hub 

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