Pardot API V4 Integration - Form CTA submissions using form handler creating a duplicate new Prospect - Fixed!

February 20, 2018 Uberflip Customer Success

Issue Summary

The Uberflip to Pardot integration was affected by a production update made on February 6, 2018. Any Customer using the Pardot API V4 (allowing multiple Prospects with same email address in your Pardot instance), and had Form CTA submissions on CTAs that were using the Form Handler feature, would end up with 2 net new Prospects in Pardot. 

One of the Prospects was created correctly, with all the form submission data included, but a duplicate Prospect was created by the Form Handler with only an email address in the Prospect fields.


Bug started: Approx 4:30pm ET on February 6, 2018

Bug fixed: Approx 4pm ET on February 13, 2018

Resolution and recovery efforts

Once the bug was discovered on February 12, the engineering and product teams worked to determine the root cause and realized it was related to a production update made on February 6th.   The fix was built and passed QA, and pushed to production by end of day on Tuesday Feb 13.  There was no data to recover related to this incident, but it took some time after the fix to determine which customers were affected.  We'll be reaching out directly to to any affected Customers.

Root Cause

V1104 Application Update made on 4:30pm ET on February 6, 2017 included an adjustment to the Pardot integration that ensured a Pardot CTA submission counted towards Pardot's conversion reports.  This update failed to take into account the Pardot API V4 feature of allowing multiple Prospects with the same email address in conjunction with our Form Handler feature, and this update caused the Form Handler to also create a Prospect that had only email address populated.


We recommend all affected Customers run a segmentation rule in Pardot to identify all Prospects created between February 6, 2018 and February 13, 2018 that have a blank First Name (or another non-email field that is blank and used on Pardot CTAs).  There are a few ways to go about this, but here is a segmentation rule that adds a tag to all Prospects that match this criteria.  You can then delete the invalid Prospects in this segmentation.


We apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact if you have any questions!


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