February 5, 2016

February 5, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success

Below is a list of updates and fixes that were released on February 5, 2016

What's Updated

  • 8039 Manage Hubs - Team Member: Content Manager role now includes the permission to add Team members
  • 8109 Manage Hubs - Item Editor: Team Lead is now an Author option in the meta data tab.
  • 8123 Manage Hubs - Import Blog: “Author matching” is an available option when importing a Blog stream. If enabled, existing Authors will be matched to the new content.
  • 8127 Manage Hubs - Team Member: The “role” for a new Team member will default to the current filter tab you are currently viewing. For example, “Add Member” role will default to “Author” if you are currently viewing Team members with the "Author" role.
  • 8128 Manage Hubs - Team Member: Author page links will only be listed for Hubs with content the team member has authored.
  • 8425 Desktop Flipbook - Flash Version: When a user does not have Flash installed and is prompted to download Flash, the user will be given an additional option to view the HTML5 beta version of the Flipbook.

What's Fixed

  • 6747 Hubs - Mobile Devices: The hero logo displays very small when viewed on a smartphone in the landscape orientation - Fixed!
  • 6997 Hubs - Website Embed: When expanded mode is enabled for Flipbooks, the Flipbook does not expand appropriately if the browser window has been resized - Fixed!
  • 8349 Desktop Flipbooks - Page Widgets: Expand buttons for a YouTube video does not work when viewed in Chrome browser - Fixed!
  • 8503 Manage Hubs Appearance - Custom Code: Error when clicking on Hub Preview Buttons after saving a Custom Code Change - Fixed!
  • 8506 Manage Hubs - Blog Articles: Authors not assigned to newly imported Blog Stream's Items when 'author' tag is used - Fixed!
  • 8530 Manage Hubs - Items: In a specific scenario, older posts are showing up among recently published Items - Fixed!
  • 8544 Hubs - Eloqua CTA Forms: Certain fields are not hiding after they’ve been filled out - Fixed!
  • 8646 Manage Hubs - Instagram Integration: If Instagram’s image URL updates, the Item content image gets updated but the Item Tile thumbnail does not - Fixed!
  • 8679 Mobile Flipbook: Unable to exit fullscreen mode - Fixed!

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