Flipbook is Getting a Makeover for Androids and iOS Devices!

March 10, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Our development team has been working hard to improve the overall Flipbook experience and we're now ready to start releasing the new Flipbook 4 reader to more devices.

Some devices have already been receiving Flipbook 4 for a little while now, including Android devices running OS 4.3+, Firefox for Android, and Windows Touch-enabled devices, as these devices did not support our existing Mobile Flipbook 3 reader.

Starting March 23, 2015, we'll be serving the new Flipbook 4 to ALL Android devices instead of the old Mobile Flipbook 3 reader. On or after April 6, 2015,  iOS devices will also receive the new version.

Flipbook 4 has many improvements, including:

Support on more devices and Improved Performance!
We've rebuilt the Flipbook from scratch and have ensured that this is the fastest Flipbook yet!  Flipbook no longer requires a browser technology called 'WebKit' and thus will be supported across more devices!

Page Widget Overlays Continue to Display on Zoom!
We've finally been able to address this issue with Flipbook 4.  When you zoom in on a page that has a Page Widget overlay, it will continue to display!

Dynamic Zoom Levels!
Flipbook 3 only had three zoom levels.  With Flipbook 4 you can use finger pinch (when the device itself supports that gesture) to zoom in dynamically to any level you want!

Support for Link Highlight Styles
Your choice of link highlight style is now reflected on Mobile Devices just as it does on the Desktop Flipbook reader.

Social Sharing Improvements
Sharing from a two-page spread now allows for left/right page selection so you can share a direct link to the exact page!  The email share tool now simply launches the default email client so the share will come from the Flipbook visitor's email address, instead of from a generic "services@" email address.

Favicon Displayed on the Toolbar instead of the 'Banner Logo'
Your square sized Favicon image will display in the Flipbook toolbar instead of the Banner Logo. The Banner Logo will still display when the Flipbook visitor accesses a feature/tool popup area.

Scroll-able Annotations Notes
The annotation tools available for secured Flipbooks now allow for easier scrolling on a Page Note.


Feature Change: Social Sharing

When Androids and iOS devices start receiving  Flipbook 4 rather than 3,  where will no longer be an option to social share to networks other than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Email as we've discontinued the Addthis integration for Flipbooks.  Users who want to share on other networks will need to copy/paste the Flipbook link from the browser's address bar.   Please contact support if there is a particular social network that you'd like to see added back and we can consider it as a feature request.

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