New Pardot Feature - Impact on Uberflip Integration!

December 7, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success

What is this new Pardot Feature?

Pardot recently released a feature that will allow multiple Prospects to use the same email address.

See this article for more informationbut don't turn that feature on yet before reading further!

With this feature on, the email address no longer will be the unique identifier for prospects in Pardot.

While this is a feature that some Pardot Customers are interested in using, unfortunately it will prevent the Uberflip/Pardot integration from functioning properly. 

Impact on Uberflip

Once the feature is turned on in Pardot, 3rd party integrations (ie. Uberflip) must use a newer version of the Pardot API (V4).

Uberflip's integration with Pardot was built with the API V3. In order to work with a Pardot account with the new feature on, we will need to update the Uberflip app to use the Pardot API V3 and API V4.

Our Update Progress

Pardot API V4 has new methods of matching incoming information as there may be multiple records with the same email address.

Our development effort is currently underway to support API V4 (DEV-10299 Allow Pardot Integration to choose API version 3 or 4), but we do not yet have any timelines to share on when that new version will be available.  


Until we build this new integration, our current recommendation to Customers who use Pardot is do not enable that feature until we've built the integration with Pardot API V4.

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