September 2018 Releases

October 1, 2018 Jason Oakley

Here's a list of new features, updates, and bug fixes that we released in September.  


Features and updates we released:

  • Marketers can now incorporate item tags into their Hub search results and surface them in their front end code. Learn more
  • We have deprecated our legacy URL format. All Hubs now support custom URL paths.
  • CTAs are now unlimited for Enterprise, Elite, and Exclusive pack customers. Learn More
  • Update Flipbook Folder Types to support an SVG format. Learn More


Bugs we fixed:

  • Resellers were receiving duplicate metric emails.
  • Act-On logo was missing from the Connect modal.
  • Anchor navigation was triggering a permanent loading spinner.
  • Pressing "Enter" while copying a Stream caused the page to reload in the Uberflip Email Extension.
  • Variation Form CTA’s button/font colour did not change in the variation.
  • Metrics Email had the old Uberflip address in the footer.
  • The “Embed” & “Share” icons were broken on mouseover on the “Item Edit” page.
  • The URL was not changing accordingly when clicking on a Recommended Item in Embedded Hubs.
  • Removed the “Delete Item” option from the item level hamburger menu in Marketing Streams.
  • Page displayed double breadcrumbs when “Latest Content” was replaced by a “Marketing Stream” and “Link Content to Original Source Stream” was disabled.
  • Removal of the "Email Sharing" option on the Flash Flipbook folder options page.
  • On Item Management page, Items were sometimes being displayed incorrectly.
  • “Share this Item” modal was displaying a “Feature” icon.
  • New stream permissions: Manage page and Content page.
  • A new deactivated state to Color Picker, Image Uploader, Select Dropdown, and Appearance Options for Sales/Marketing streams (Appearance Tab)
  • A fix to users not being able to view or list Native and Marketing streams.
  • Sales users were unable to delete their own Streams.
  • “Load more” button was not working on the “Deleted items” page.
  • Add credential de-authorization support to Twitter stream updates.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Uberflip Support team at

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