October 2018 Releases

November 6, 2018 Jason Oakley

Here's a list of new features, updates, and bug fixes that we released in October.

Features and updates we released:

  • We've updated our left side navigation menu to expand on mouse-click, instead of auto expanding on hover. 
  • Due to recent Instagram API updates, we've removed Instagram from our available integrations. 
  • Added buttons for Linkedin, Website, and Calendly to the author profile section at the bottom of content items. 
  • Removed functionality from the Stream Management page that allowed sharing items via Hootsuite.

Bugs we Fixed:

  • Some results were being omitted from frontend search results if the item titled included an apostrophe.
  • Items were being removed from indexing, preventing them from being returned in search results.
  • Custom Code order was not always being reflected correctly on the frontend.
  • "Use Pardot Form Handler’ checkbox didn’t show/hide the URL field properly for Pardot CTAs.
  • Marketo list selection was not always being saved when creating a Marketo CTA.
  • Some users were unable to change Hub Home Page to a Marketing Stream.
  • Hub Appearance changes were delayed before appearing on Frontend.
  • Content Performance Dashboard returned `No Data Available` error when trying to view the `Last Month` tab.
  • Videos exited fullscreen mode in the Safari browser.
  • Eloqua key not always generated correctly when trying to connect to Uberflip.
  • Stream Appearance tab appeared empty due to permission check error.
  • Brightcove videos lost sound after multiple views in a single session.
  • AddThis widget not showing up on hub if native sharing options were disabled.
  • Sales Activity Dashboard data generation not completed on some days.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Uberflip Support team at support@uberflip.com.

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