Pardot Tracking Script Broken: September 13-19, 2017

September 25, 2017 Uberflip Customer Success

Issue Summary

Pardot's tracking script was not firing properly on Customer Hubs to set the cookie on the End user's browser.   End-users who submitted an Uberflip CTA during this period would have had their Pardot Prospect record created and/or updated based on the form field data submitted, but additional tracking beyond that was not working including:

  • Page View activity not tracked
  • Uberflip fields source_most_recent, uf_conversion_item_id, uf_conversion_item_title, uf_last_visited_item_id and the content counter fields were not passed data
  • Progressive Profiling was not functioning and any End-user who had previously filled out a form would not have their 'known' information prepopulated


Problem started: Approx 10am ET on September 13, 2017

Problem fixed: Approx 6pm ET on September 19, 2017

Resolution and recovery efforts

The problem was fixed per the timeline above to ensure Pardot tracking script was executing correctly.  Unfortunately, we are not able to retroactively send any of the data or activities that were not sent to Pardot because of this bug.

Root Cause

We made a change to all Marketing Automation integrations to reduce the number of API calls required on September 13, 2017.  This change adversely affected the Pardot integration in that it removed a line of code that was a dependency in determining when to add the Pardot tracking code to the End-user's browser.   This was addressed and the team will ensure in future production updates that touch any Marketing Automation integration do not affect the tracking script placement on the End-user's browser.

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