Scheduled Database Maintenance - December 27, 2015 9am-9:05am ET

December 21, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

What is happening?

Database Table Update to increase Thumbnail URL field's character limit to 2000


When is this happening?

This is a quick effort that will start on Sunday December 27 at 9am Eastern Time.  If all goes well, this only takes a minute.  Worst case scenario is it takes 5 minutes


What is the Impact?

Front End Hub and Flipbook Access, Back End Application Access and other services will not be available during this short window.  Error messages will be displayed to end users during this window if products or services are accessed.  Again, this should only last about 1 minute, but small potential to last up to 5 minutes.


Why are we doing this?

Currently, Hub Items can have a Tile thumbnail image URL length of only 255 characters.  After this update Customers will be able to use URLs of up to 2000 chars

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