Scheduled Maintenance and Upgrades - January 3, 2016 @ 5am-7:40am ET

December 21, 2015 Sam Brennand

What is happening?

Database and server updates/upgrades (Further detail in the 'Impact' section below)


When is this happening?

The overall effort will happen on Sunday, January 3, 2016 and span 5am to 7:40am Eastern Time, affecting various areas of the Application and Products during this window.


What is the Impact?

What: Updating Routers, Load Balancers and Databases
When: Jan 3 @ 05:00 - 06:20

Duration: 1h 20min
Service Impact: While all Application services are touched by this effort, there should be no downtime.

What: Hub Search Update
When: Jan 3 @ 06:20 - 06:40

Duration: 20min
Service Impact: Hubs front-end search will not return any results during this window.

What: Metrics System Update
When: Jan 3 @ 06:40 - 07:00

Duration: 20min
Service Impact: There should be no downtime of any Metrics gathering or accessing. 

What: Page Replace Parser Update
When: Jan 3 @ 07:00 - 07:20

Duration: 20min
Service Impact: Page Replace Tool will not function during this window.  

What: Services Update - API V2
When: Jan 3 @ 07:20 - 07:40

Duration: 20min
Service Impact: All API V2 services will not be available.  This includes Content Score and Upload PDF end points not being available during this window.


Why are we doing this?

Part of a scheduled monthly infrastructure update plan to improve security, performance and reliability.

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