March 16, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

The V541 Application Version update was pushed to live production! 

Each Version update is assigned to a numerical VersionID (eg V101) and each item in the update will have its own ItemID for future reference. (eg V101-3456)

Below is a list of features, updates and fixes that were included on V541, completed on March 16, 2015:

What's New

  • V541-2365 Flipbooks and Folders: Psuedo vanity URLs are now supported by Flipbook and Folder URLs!
    Flipbook and Folder URLs now end with their respective names. For example, a Folder with ID 12345 and name "This is my folder" would previously be accessed as /t/12345, but will now be accessible at /t/12345-this-is-my-folder. This approach also applies to Flipbooks with /i/xxxxx links. A 301 redirect will occur if any other slug is used, or for previous URLs without the slug.

What's Changed

  • V541-6777 Hubs - Form CTAs: UI improvements to Form CTAs as seen on the front-end.
    This includes field error indication, clearer display of the 'x' for closing a CTA and the removal of field type icons.

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