August 14, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

The V636 Application Version update was pushed to live production! 

Each Version update is assigned to a numerical VersionID (eg V101) and each item in the update will have its own ItemID for future reference. (eg V101-3456)

Below is a list of features, updates and fixes that were included on V636 completed on August 11, 2015:

What's Fixed

  • V636-5910 Hubs - Canonical URLs: Hubs not detecting original URL for "Read more" link and "Canonical" link - Fixed!
    Long Item permalinks are getting truncated and result in invalid "read more" and "canonical" links. Moving forward, this problem will not occur for new Items.
  • V636-7591 Manage Flipbooks - Subscribers: Unable to upload large files and import records from a CSV file - Fixed!
  • V636-7594 Manage Hubs - MailChimp CTAs: An incorrect error message appears when creating a new CTA but no Lists exist in MailChimp - Fixed!
  • V636-7659 Hubs: uBlock Origin (Chrome) extension is potentially causing Hub performance problems - Fixed!
    uBlock has been stripping out some 3rd party scripts. Within our system this may include (but is not limited to) tracking scripts like Google Analytics and Marketo. In the reported case, removal of the Marketo script prevented any remaining Hubs script to complete loading. When it failed, the loading spinning is left hanging. While the reported case with Marketo has been addressed for Hub performance, please note that extensions such as uBlock may affect tracking capabilities.

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