October 13, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Each Version update is assigned to a numerical VersionID (eg V101) and each item in the update will have its own ItemID for future reference. (eg V101-3456)

Below is a list of features, updates and fixes that were included on V669 completed on October 13, 2015:

What's Changed

  • V669-7673 Manage Hubs - Eloqua Integration "Content Counters": We've switched to using Custom Objects instead of Custom Fields for tracking content consumption
    If Content Counters is enabled in Eloqua integration settings, then custom objects named Uberflip_Hub_XXXX_Content_Tracking will be created for each hub. Custom object records are linked to contacts. Previously this was achieved by manually adding custom fields in Eloqua per content type (e.g. Tweets or Articles) for a Hub. Please note that these custom fields will no longer be updated. For more information on this new way to track content, please read this article.

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