October 15, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

The V671 Application Version update was pushed to live production! 

Each Version update is assigned to a numerical VersionID (eg V101) and each item in the update will have its own ItemID for future reference. (eg V101-3456)

Below is a list of features, updates and fixes that were included on V671 completed on October 15, 2015:

What's New

  • V671-7240 Uberflip Teams: Introducing the "Author" role
    The Author role replaces the previous Author objects for a specific Hub. As a result, the Authors management page has been removed from Hub Options. Any pre-existing Authors were migrated and can be found in the Team management page. To enable an Author to be an active Team Member with login capabilities, an email address is required for the Team Member profile. A Team Invite (same as adding any other team member) will be sent to upon initial addition of the email address. You may notice an "Inactive Authors" page. These are Authors provided with only a name (without an avatar, social media handles or a bio) that were migrated. Please read this article for more information.

What's Changed

  • V671-7862 Uberflip Teams - Authors: Character count for Author bio has been increased

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