Auto-Create Data Object Identifiers (DOI) Links

January 28, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Many scientific journals have Data Object Identifiers (DOIs) that reference scientific articles stored in a central database.

Uberflip's Auto-Link tool can auto create hyperlinks to those articles through a custom regular expression.

To get started, create a new Auto-Link job, complete the fields as follows (each of the below is referenced in the screenshot at the end of this article):

  • Job Type:  Regular Expression
  • Job Name: Give it any Job Name you want
  • Search for: 10.\d{4}/\S+
  • Replace with: 1st box= ; 2nd Box=10.\d{4}/\S+
  • HoverTip:  Enter in any hovertip you want to popup when your mouse is hovered over (optional)

You have to pass a test case so just type a DOI number in there and if all goes well you will see the test pass!

Once this job is created, you can use it whenever you want at the time of a new Flipbook upload. It will be available in the list that includes the default website/email job.

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