Using the Auto-Link Tool's CSV Upload (PRO and up)

January 26, 2012 Uberflip Customer Success

You can use a CSV file containing text phrase (web/email URL or any word or phrase), external target link URL OR Absolute Page number for internal links, and hover tip popup(optional).

The file must be in the order of text to replace, external target URL or internal absolute page number, hovertip(optional) and must NOT have a header row.  Also be sure the CSV is saved as Comma Delimited CSV and not another format of CSV.

Example CSV Table:

Creating the Job

You can get to the Auto-Link section by clicking on a Flipbook and looking under the Enhance column to find several options. Then follow the steps below:

(1) Select CSV File as your "Job Type" and type a name for this job;

(2) Click the Browse button and choose your CSV file;

(3) Check the "Automatically Enable All Links Found" option if you would like all links created to be active.  If you don't check this option, you will need to review all of the links created by your job, and enable them manually through the "Manage Auto-Links" page;

(4) Click Create Job and you will be brought to the Manage Auto-Links page automatically to review your Job(s)

Manage Auto-Links

Your CSV Job will contain a Task for each line in your CSV file, and each Task will contain one link.

Click on the Task to see the links created by that task. 

At that point you will see a list of all links created and you can choose to enable/disable/delete.  You can also delete the entire Job in the tasks window.

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