Using the Auto-Link Tool's Website/Email Search

This job is all ready for you to use!  Whether it be during your initial upload of your PDF, or if you want to apply it to an already published edition.

It will convert all text/font that is of a standard website or email format into an interactive hyperlink.  This job will recognize most standard formats of website and email addresses.  Let us know if you use any that aren't being recognized.  

NOTE: This tool will not recognize any image based text and you should always use embedded fonts in your PDFs when showing website/email addresses.

Auto-Link - Select Website and Emails on Upload

You can invoke the Auto-Linker when you first upload your PDF from the Create New Flipbook Wizard.  Starter Accounts must use the Auto-Linker this way as they have no access to the tool POST upload.

On the 3rd Step, Options screen, simply check the Find Websites & Emails checkbox before you hit the Upload button and it will be invoked.

Auto-Link - Post Upload

If you already have an Flipbook uploaded (and you have a PRO account), you can still run the Website and Email Job. 

While in your manage Folders/Flipbooks screen click on your Flipbook thumbnail to bring up the Flipbook settings & option popup.

Click on the "New Auto-Link Job" button in the Enhance tab.

Once you are at the Create New Auto-Link Job screen, do the following:

(1) Select Websites/Emails as your "Job Type";

(2) Give the job a name of your choice OR just use the default Websites and Emails label;

(3) Check the box for "Automatically Enable All Links Found" option if you would like all links created to be active from the start;

(4) If you don't check this "Automatically Enable All Links Found" option (maybe you want to review all the links found before you make them active), you will need to go to the manage auto-link jobs page to select the job, view the tasks and links make them active; and

(5) Click Create Job and your Auto-Link job will be queued and run, generally only taking a few seconds to complete.


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