The Basics: Using Uberflip & Bombora to Understand Visitor Intent

As a content marketer, it can be difficult to know if the content you are creating matches the interest of your visitors. 


Uberflip's Bombora integration makes it easy to gain new insights into your visitors' interests, company size, and industry. In just minutes, you can integrate Bombora into your Hub(s) and start to understand the effectiveness of your content strategy and how you can optimize your content to drive higher engagement and generate more leads.

About Bombora

Bombora is the leading provider of B2B demographic, firmographic and intent data. Intent data is data that is collected about business web users’ observed behavior -- specifically web content consumption -- that provides insights into their interests and intent to take an action. Bombora aggregates billions of data points per month through a deep network of publishers, activation partners, agencies, and major brands, allowing for the capture of these intent signals from across the B2B web, spanning a multitude of content sources.

By becoming a part of Bombora's data co-operative, you'll get instant access to deep insights across a wide range of B2B areas and deeper understanding of your audience.

Setting up Your Bombora Integration

Access a Hub and navigate to the Integrations page from the left-side menu. Select the Bombora connection from the list of available integrations. 

Click on the Connect button under the action section and a popup will appear. You'll need to confirm that you agree with Bombora's terms of service to continue. 

When you accept the terms of service, Bombora's tracking script will be automatically added to your Hub. Once Bombora's script is on your Hub, Bombora will begin collecting data right away. Within a few days, you will see insights start to populate. 

Note: If you are unable to view this integration as an option, pleasure ensure that your account has the Bombora permission enabled. 

Viewing Your Visitor Insights

Once enabled, you can navigate to your Hub's Dashboard and see a new Visitor Insights tab.

On the Visitor Insights tab, you'll notice a radar-chart at the top of the page. Along the outside of this radar-chart will be automatically generated topics that Bombora has identified for your Hub. For example, in the screenshot below, Bombora has identified that the Uberflip Hub has content about, or is attracting visitors with interest in, "Webinars", "Data-Driven Marketing, "Buyer Journey", and "Content Sharing", among other topics.

Below the radar-chart, you'll find several filters that will allow you to change how your insights are graphically displayed. You can filter by: 

  • Items Receiving Traffic (what topics of content are visitors to your Hub engaging with?) 
  • Newly Created Items (what topics of content have you recently created?)
  • Visitors (what are visitors to your Hub interested in?)

Click the small checkbox icons next to each option to add or remove the insight from the chart.

Overlaying these insights on top of each other with the radar-chart will allow you to analyze how well your content strategy is aligned with your desired audiences.

For example, by analyzing the radar-chart below, we can tell that Uberflip may have an opportunity to create more content about Data-Driven Marketing (or improve our existing content about Data-Driven Marketing). How do we know that?

Based on the pink overlay, we can see that the Uberflip Hub is attracting a lot of visitors with an interest in Data-Driven Marketing. However, as we can see from the blue and yellow overlays, we aren't generating a lot of traffic to Items about Data-Driven Marketing and there hasn't been any new content about Data-Driven Marketing for this period.

With these insights in hand, our marketing team can now work to improve the promotion and targeting of our existing content about Data-Driven Marketing, or work to create new content about Data-Driven Marketing to meet this obvious audience interest.

Underneath the radar-chart, you'll also find insights that include:

  • Top Visitor Topics (i.e. Data-Driven Marketing, Copywriting)
  • Top Functional Areas (i.e. Marketing, IT, Finance)
  • Top Professional Groups (i.e. IT Professional) 
  • Top Company Sizes (Large, Medium, Small) 
  • Top Company Revenue (Large, Medium, Small) 
  • Top Industries (Software, Telecommunications) 

These insights will look like this: 

You can use this information to further understand your audience's interests, firmographics, and demographics.

Have questions, concerns, or comments? Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team at or 1 (888) 694-2946 x 2.