Got Enterprise? Here's How To Integrate BrightInfo With Your Hub!

March 17, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Enterprise accounts can integrate their Hub with BrightInfo to start analyzing Hub activity and automatically give visitors customized recommendations on content to keep them engaged.

After a while you'll also start to see how visitors interact with recommended content, and be able to track the leads that come in via your BrightInfo add-on!

Step 1 - Login to Your BrightInfo Account

Log in to your BrightInfo account to get your Site ID. From the admin dashboard, select the 'Script' button under the 'Home' menu.


Step 2 - Get Your Site ID

Your Site ID should be in the snippet that shows on this screen. Look for a piece of code that has your site name in brackets.

Copy your Site ID and put it somewhere safe, or keep it in your clipboard.


Step 3 - Log in to your Hub + Connect BrightInfo

On your Hub's Integrations page, choose 'Connect' next to BrightInfo.


Step 4 - Paste Your Site ID In The Empty Field

A pop-up box will open asking for your BrightInfo Site ID. Enter the ID you copied from your the Script in your BrightInfo account.


Step 5 - Success!

That's it! You'll see a box telling you your BrightInfo account is now integrated with your Hub.

It may take some time for the integration to work on your Hub, but in a short period of time your visitors will start seeing recommended content. Log in to your BrightInfo account to access their analytics on how BrightInfo is performing on your Hub.

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