New Integration: Uberflip and BrightInfo Turn Up The Automation

March 16, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Automatically build engagement, track Hub activity and optimize your content development by integrating your Hub with BrightInfo. (Enterprise Accounts Only)

Good news, Uberflippers. We now offer the ability to integrate your Uberflip Hub with BrightInfo!

The Basics

BrightInfo is an online platform that tracks how site visitors interact with content, and provides real-time suggestions on other pieces of content that visitors might be interested in, based on their activity.

If you have a BrightInfo account, you can start to get information on how visitors to your Hub interact with your content. The platform automatically generates suggestions to your visitors on other content they might be interested in, based on what they've looked at on your Hub.

You may have noticed this on the Uberflip Hub already. See that 'Recommended for You' box on the right? You guessed it - that's courtesy of BrightInfo!

How it Works

Once integration is complete, the BrightInfo engines start crawling your Hub and cataloging the published content.

On the front-end of your Hub, it doesn't take long for the integration to get to work. When a visitor lands on your Hub and starts reading your content, the BrightInfo engines track their activity.

After a visitor to your hub has looked at at least two different pieces of content, a small box appears that recommends other pieces of content that might be of interest to that visitor, based on what they've already viewed.

And yes, you can completely customize this box to make it visually work with your Hub and branding.

A Personalized Experience

With more personalized recommendations, visitors to your Hub are more likely to stick around and browse for a while. 

Plus, being able to automatically point site visitors to the exact pieces of content related to what they're already interested in will increase your chances of quickly getting more qualified leads, and will give you more insight into the types of content in your Hub that are the most popular.

So are you ready to integrate your BrightInfo account with Uberflip? Nice!

Click Here for a detailed tutorial on How to Integrate BrightInfo and Uberflip. 

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