Curating from 3rd Party Blogs

January 30, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

If you've got an RSS feed, you've got blog content for your Hub. You can easily pull in feeds from influencers or popular industry blogs to round out your Hub with articles your audience will love.

Don't worry — you won't be at the mercy of these blogs and have to include everything they post. You can hide any Item or even entire streams in your Hub at any time, or use Marketing Streams to cherry-pick and organize the posts as you see fit.

How to Import a 3rd Party Blog

To import a 3rd Party Blog, go to your Hub's management screen and click in the '+new' button beside 'Manage Content' in your hub menu. From there, select the blog icon. 

Enter the URL or RSS feed from the blog you are looking to import.

Once you have gone through the options available to you, click on 'Import' to bring in 3rd party content to your Hub!

Note: when doing this, remember to enable canonical meta tags in your Hub so that search engines know where the original source is. You can also include a "read more" feature that will link out to the original source. Both of these can be found under that stream's "Options" section. 

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