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January 30, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Social media posts count as content too! They can be just as much of a part of your content marketing strategy as blog posts and eBooks. Here's how you can curate content in your Hub featuring your social media posts and shares.

You can even pull in other people's tweets (like our "Tweets From The Stars" stream featuring tweets from marketing influencers, publishers and brands) by simply creating a Twitter list and pulling that in as its own stream. 

Bonus: this lets you take advantage of social media while keeping visitors on your Hub instead of booting them out to to the Twittersphere (and hoping they come back).

Pulling In Favorited Tweets:

Head to the 'Manage Content' button in your Hub's management screen and click on the '+new' button. From there, select the Twitter icon and select 'Favorite tweets' to import your fav tweets to your Hub! 

Pulling In a Twitter List:

The same process as above applies when adding a Twitter list to your Hub. The first step is to make sure you have the list created in your twitter account and then to import it to Uberflip (see the screenshot below).

Unsure how to create a twitter list? Have a look at this twitter support article.

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