Curating One-Off Blog Posts and Articles Using Pocket

January 4, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success

Curating one-off blog posts or articles is easy with the use of third-party tools like Pocket that help you build your own RSS feeds that can be connected to your Hub.

A few things to remember about this approach: 

  • You must have a Pocket account 
  • You must install the Pocket browser plugin 
  • Tools like Pocket often only include Titles, Images, and Canonical URLs in the RSS feeds that they build, meaning full article content (i.e. body copy) will not be present in the RSS feed and thus cannot be imported into your Hub

Follow these steps to curate with Pocket.

(1) Create an Account with Pocket

Pop over to and sign up for a free account. 

(2) Find Your Pocket RSS Feed 

Login to your Pocket account and under your username, click Options

In the left menu, click Privacy.

Make sure your RSS feed is set to public status and then click All Items Feed under RSS Feed.

Copy the URL.

(3) Add to Uberflip as a New Blog Stream 

Pop into your Hub and create a new Blog Stream using the Pocket RSS feed you copied in the previous step. Make sure you click the option for Allow Small Images to Be Used As Thumbnails.

In the Stream Options, make sure you've also checked off the option for Auto-Redirect to Item's Canonical URL. This will direct anyone who clicks on the Tile to end up on the original post in its original location. 

(4) Find Articles and Add Them to Pocket 

If you've installed the Pocket browser extension, just browse the web to find the articles you'd like to bring into the Hub and click the Add to Pocket button in your browser.

These posts will get added to the Pocket RSS feed and then subsequently created as a new Item when brought into your Hub.

And voila! You're done.

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Curating from 3rd Party Blogs
Curating from 3rd Party Blogs

You can curate blog content from across the web, as long as that blog is using an RSS feed.

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