Choosing Your Default Domain for Folders/Flipbooks

January 26, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

When you purchase a Custom Domain, you are able to distribute your Flipbooks using your own branded URL(s). This is set at the Flipbook Folder level.

Note that once your Custom Domain has been added to your Account, and the CNAME record has been created so it leads to our servers, all Flipbook links will immediately support that URL. For example, if you swap in your new Custom Domain into an existing Flipbook link both links will work, but your users will see the URL you specify.  

To ensure the application provides you with Flipbook links/code that reflect your Custom Domain, you'll need to select it as the Default Domain for all Folders you want to use it for. Choosing the Custom Domain as your Default Publishing Domain also will trigger the Default Hub Landing Page to show if any users access that base domain directly, without the additional Flipbook or Folder ID information on the end of the link. (NOTE:  Some Master type Accounts will have the base domain load up a login portal instead a landing page)

Important Concepts About Default Domain

  • Every Folder has a list of domains it can utilize, this is defined at the Account (Sub-Account) level
  • The Default  Domain defines what the application is going to provide for links/promotional codes, and also drives the URLs for Flipbooks when loaded up through a Hub
  • Every domain available for a Folder can be used interchangeably in links/code, irrelevant to what is chosen as the Default Domain
  • Adding new Custom Domains to the available list will not affect the functionality of any live links/code using another domain in the list
  • If you want a new Custom Domain to actually show up in the browser address bar, any promoted links will need to change (on a website, email blast etc), so perform the following so the application will provide you with those links...

Select your custom domain that you have purchased from the drop down menu as it is referenced below.

First edit your folder, then: 

(1) Select Basics

(2) Select Options

(3) Select your Default Domain from the drop down menu (this is the URL you want your Flipbooks to be published on); 

(4) Don't forget to click on Update once you've completed these steps.


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