Deleting/Cancelling a Custom Domain

January 26, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

You may not need a specific Custom Domain any more, or you may need to make a change to your Custom Domain after you purchased. For example, if you had a typo in the first attempt or you just want to try out a new Custom Domain.

Important: When adding a Custom Domain, you will have until midnight ET on the day you add the Domain to delete it without being charged the $50/month fee. If you notice that your Custom Domain includes a typo during this period, you can delete it at no charge.

In order to do that, you'll need to delete the Custom Domain. Note that to delete a Custom Domain, you must remove any Hubs that are associated with it first and any links to Flipbooks/Hubs that were already promoted or distributed will no longer load using that Custom Domain.

Please be sure you are ready to ready to update any of your already distributed or promoted links if you are going to change your Custom Domain. 

Follow the below steps to delete your Custom Domain(s). Each step is highlighted in the screenshots below: 

Step 1 - Go To My Account Page

Log-in to your account and click the Profile icon in the top right. From there, click Domains in the left side menu under Services.

Step 2 - Click Delete

Click the Delete button beside the Custom Domain name you wish to cancel/delete from your account.

Step 3 - Check Box

Check the box that states, "I understand that I will lose the ability to use this domain with my services".

Step 4 - Click Delete Domain Button

Click the Delete Domain button to finalize the deletion of the Custom Domain name.

NOTE:  No refunds will be provided for cancelled/deleted Custom Domains.  If you wish you replace your current Custom Domain, you must cancel/delete your existing domain and purchase a new Custom Domain.

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